"Knowing Knoppix": slobodna/besplatna knjiga o Knoppixu online

Cijelovito izdanje knjige o Knoppixu (live GNU/Linux distribucija na jednom cd-u) možete pronaći ovdje.

Knowing Knoppix is a beginner-friendly book designed to help with these situations:

* You can't start Windows! Disaster? Possibly not. It is often possible to rescue files using Knoppix from crashed Windows computers, even when Windows cannot be started. This guide takes you step by step through the process.

* You are curious about Linux, and you want to discover what all the fuss is about.

* You want a useful guide to help you get started with Knoppix.


Some of the comments we have received (slightly edited):

* "Amazingly useful, well written and concise" -- Sam Posten, Adjunct Professor, Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA

* "Rocks. For the beginner, well written... flows" -- Knoppix Forums

* "Hats off... an excellent book" - Knoppix Forums

Knowing Knoppix is designed for off-line reading. It is meant to be read as a companion to your PC or laptop, not as part of it. That is why it is offered in PDF format. Please note that the version of Knoppix covered is 3.3, which is a bit dated now. Version 3.3 was the current version when we started writing the book.