Rosetta - alat za prevođenje free softwarea

Ubuntu GNU/Linux ekipa za vrijeme njihovog susreta u Mataro'-u (blizu BCN/Katalunija) razvila je Rosettu, web alat za prevođenje free softwarea. Takvim alatom svatko, ali baš svatko može pridonijeti razvoju free softwarea na području lokalizacije softwarea...

About Rosetta

Rosetta is a web tool for translating any open source software into any language. The ultimate goal of the Rosetta Project is to ensure that every piece of open source software is usable in every language. We invite you to find the open source software you use the most, and help to translate it into your own native language, if it is not already completely translated. All you need is a web browser, a good knowledge of the application you are translating, and a knowledge of English.

Join the Rosetta Translators Community

To participate in the development and testing of Rosetta please join the Rosetta users mailing list, where we discuss new features, bugs and other issues related to the Rosetta Project.

Adding projects to Rosetta

It's easy to add a new project to be translated in Rosetta. First you need to add the product to the Launchpad registry. You can seach for existing registered open source products here, and then add yours if it's not already listed.

Once you have the product in the registry, click on "Add Translation" to import a PO Template and PO Files.